Kemang Icon offers the perfect ‘home from home address for that mini break, overnight escape or long stay, when you can consider yourself ‘in residence.’ Each of our 12 suites are unique and feature distinct design and mood concepts. Choose between our Edge Suites (85 sq. m. with defining skyline views) or an Inner Suite (courtyard view and a spacious 60 sq.m.)


Quite simply a ‘home from home’, the Edge Suites feature well appointed, tastefully designed, fully equipped facilities that provide comfort, luxury, services and amenities that are best in class. For those new arriving in Jakarta, and planning on staying a while, a number of suites offer in suite cooking facilities, full size refrigerator and personalized bedding / bar / service options.


Slightly smaller than the Edge Suite, but nevertheless vast in their own right (45 – 60 sq.m.), an Inner Suite is one of the largest accommodations on offer in South Jakarta. Luxuriously appointed with huge windows to allow the natural light to flood in, a stay at Kemang Icon will satisfy your desire to escape and indulge, or impress your guests who will thank you for ever!


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